What is the first step?

The first step is to contact us or input your info in the box provided. We will be sure to get started as quickly as you like or is necessary. You are not obligated to us by filling out the form.

How does the process work?

1.   Once you contact us, we will gather some general information from you such as the location of property, current mortgage balance, how much you would like to sell for, etc.

2.   We will review this information then determine what type of solution(s) may work best for you. Whether it’s pre-foreclosure intervention, assuming your loan, purchasing your house cash, etc.

3.   If any of these solutions sound appealing to you, we can then view the property, and make you an offer.

4.   If we come to an acceptable agreement we will put it under contract and close with an attorney (at our cost) within 10 days or on the date of your choice.

What kind of offer can I expect?

You can expect a fair offer on the property. We will look at the current market value, cost of repairs/updating needed, and the expected value after all repairs. We put all this info into a formula and it gives us our offer price.

What types of houses do you buy?

We buy small homes, large homes, ugly homes, pretty homes, fire damaged homes, inherited homes, homes in violation of codes. We will buy pretty much anything as long as we and the seller can come to a fair agreement.

What do you do with the properties you purchase?

Most of the properties we purchase are repaired and updated, then placed back on the market for sale. Sometimes we will sell the properties “as is” to other investors within our network who are in the market for something specific which we’ve acquired.

Are you Realtors?

Cardinal Real Estate is a Real Estate Investment Company specializing in helping homeowners find solutions to whatever issue they may be facing. Our goal is to purchase your home, not try to list it. Because being a licensed real estate agent provides many advantages to our business, we have a licensed agent on staff.  We are not in the business of getting listings. We want to buy your home.

Is any information I provide kept confidential?

We take this part of our work very serious.  All information you provide is kept strictly confidential. We assure you that any information you give us will be treated privately and respectfully, without judgement.

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